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Fun times at the 2008 edition of the Tour.


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Submitted by: Budd White -- McMinnville, OR.

This film captures the true passion that cycling fans everywhere feel for the sport and the wonderful atheletes. It is poignant, funny, interesting, quirky, and never cynical or jaded. The maker allows his heart to be seen, a large heart that loves life and feels compassion, and appreciates joy AND irony mixed together in a heady brew. If you are a fan of cycling, you simply will NEVER regret getting this film, as it is a true delight. If you are a casual observer, you can rest assured that the money from this film is making the lives of those who battle an insidious disease just that much easier. In either case, it is diffucult for me to imagine a better use of my money. Scott is a man of integrity and creativity. Chip in, and have some fun while doing some good. Film: A+ Director: HC!! (Out of catagory)

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Submitted by: David A. Aldersebaes -- Chicago, IL.

It takes a swarthy pirate like Scott Coady to pull off something this ludicrous. From slugging some booze with some old retired Euro hardmen of cycling from yesteryear, to talking fruit and what day it is to modern day hardmen. You want name dropping? Herve, Armstrong, Hincapie, Durand, Pantani, Roche, Fignon, Julich. It's all here and it's all in your face. Oh yeah, let's not forget the up close and personal with the Podium Girls. Yum. I was there. In france, watching the tour. If you love cycling, get yourself to a showing. Do not pass go, do not collect your $200, go SEE THE TOUR, BABY!

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Submitted by: Peter J. Kish -- Mount Horeb, WI.

Two thumbs up for "The Tour baby". I had the pleasure of bidding on my copy of THE video on your e-bay auction, and I haven't regreted the donation for a moment. Not only did I get to give to LAF, but I also had the pleasure of viewing the scenes behind the TDF that I have always wondered about. The film is creative and Scott as spastic as I would be. Looking forward to a 2003 update!?

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Submitted by: Anna -- Boxborough, MA.

I just viewed The Tour Baby! and I loved it! Thanks for making the real Tour available for all to see! You don't see this kind of stuff about the Tour in US coverage. Loved your humor and seeing your genuine thrill of being there, in the middle of it all. You weren't just a spectator - you were part of it all! Thanks again!

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Submitted by: Kristin Wardle -- Boise, ID.

"The Tour Baby" was a Christmas present for my husband – got it two days before Christmas. Thanks for coming through, Scott. We saved it for a New Year’s Eve viewing with a couple of cycling friends and were on the edge of our seats wondering what Scott was going to get on tape next. What an incredible trip. It’s nice to know that there are others out there that follow the tour fanatically. I would die to have Phil Liggitt and Paul Sherwen recognize me!! We’ve always wanted to see the tour in person and this was the closest we’ve come . . . yet. After seeing "The Tour Baby" and visiting Paris for ourselves in January, we are THERE! Thanks for giving us courage, Scott. (Giving a Christmas present to the Lance Armstrong Foundation was nice, too.)

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Submitted by: Jerry Severdia -- Santa Rosa, CA.

Watching Scott’s movie brought me closer to the TDF than I would have thought possible without being there! The Tour Baby! has great up close and personal interviews with riders, VIP’s, support teams and spectators, coupled with “backstage” scenes full of surprises and laughs. Unless you plan to go there and infiltrate as well as Scott did, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to see the Tour Baby!

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Submitted by: Christopher S. Hurt -- Knoxville, TN.

Watching the Tour Baby with a group of 100 or cyclists is an experience not to be missed. I recommend everyone do it at least once in their life! My next project is to figure out how I can get myself French speaking travelling mate. Best of luck on reaching your goal Scott and it was a pleasure working with you.

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Submitted by: Jamie Krzeminski -- Winter Park, FL.

A must-see video for any cycling fan! The behind-the-scenes footage is terrific, and includes so much more than the average person at the Tour ever sees (speaking from my own experiences at the 2001 Tour). Very funny and entertaining. Great work Scott!

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Submitted by: Jan Johnson -- Palo Alto, CA.

Hey Scott: That was the most fun I've had in a long time!!! (I know...I need to get out more.) Your video last night was so damn funny. It was real and straight from the hip and raw...but hilarious. It was such a pleasure to meet you and talk for a bit. I hope the evening was a huge success for you and I hope you make your $100,000 goal for the Lance Armstrong Foundation very soon. Keep up the great work. Jan Johnson

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Submitted by: B.J. Evans -- Austin, TX.

Unreal footage Scott!! It was awesome of you to put so much of your time, energy and personal funds into this cause. It was definately like being at the races man, from the 'backstage' access to hanging out on rooftops with locals, that's where it's at!! You've definatley got the personality for this line of work so do stop here man!! Hope you and the new honey are doing great! Thanks for putting me on the 'elite' list man! If ever in Austin, look me up man....take care. "I feel the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more."

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Submitted by: Ken Bergman -- Santa cruz, CA.

Scott- Your video is outstanding. I loved all the "backstage" information. Love your sense of humor. Put me on the mailing list for your next one! Plus the price was a bargain.

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Submitted by: Brian Fisher -- Melbourne, FL.

not only was the purchase of the video for a great cause, but it was extremely entertaining. We see plenty of world class bike racing now on the tube, so seeing the behind the scenes stuff was awesome. i enjoyed every minute and actually was laughing out loud thru much of it. cudos to all involved for making the efforts and the contacts to get it on tape.

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Submitted by: Rachele and Donald Mock -- Atlanta, GA.

We had such a GREAT laugh watching this hilarious gift on Christmas Day! We are big Tour de France fans and HUGE Lance Armstrong Fans! Scott's antics were fun and many of his experiences quite moving! We loved viewing the Tour experiece through his eyes. Scott, what a great thing for you to do! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!!!

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Submitted by: Janna Trevisanut, Editor, Daily Peloton -- Los Angeles, CA.

The Tour Baby! rocks! I either had tears in my eyes or this enormous grin on my face through the whole thing. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

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Submitted by: Nancy Schlichter -- Buffalo Grove, IL.

I found your Tour Baby Video immensely entertaining. Although I would love to go to the Tour, if I never make it there in person, I feel that I have experienced it through your video. And with the access you were given, I am sure I have seen the Tour in a more up close and personal manner than I could ever experience myself. Getting inside Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Posties hotel is a once in a lifetime experience. I must say, however, that the highlight of the video was watching you rifle through, taste and comment on the truck-flattened and unidentifiable items in the discarded feed bag. The fact that you actually found some of the "food" tasty was priceless. Thank you for sharing with me and all the other Tour de France fanatics this wonderful behind the scenes view of this world class event.

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Submitted by: Susan Leitner -- Columbia, MD.

I really enjoyed your film, it got me pumped up to attend the 2004 Tour De France. How lucky you were to get to experience the tour so intimately. Very entertaining!

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Submitted by: Mike Taxter -- Ridgeield, CT.

Expected the film to be fun and entertaining but it was a letdown. A couple of yuks but overall mostly boring after you got through the first few minutes. Maybe I expected more than a home movie.

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Submitted by: Gregor Bingham -- Toronto, XO.

Scott's video is a hoot, all the characters in the tour are brought down to earth, and the behind the scenes footage is as good as Frankie Andreau's spots for OLN. Except Scott seems to get his nose in everywhere without actually having a sponsor, so for those of us who dont have the balls for taking no for an answer for three weeks, Scott shows us how to befriend all, and get the best seats in the house! The food inspection of the crushed muisette is one of my faves, and getting Jean Marie LeBlanc and Robin Williams, was a joy to watch! Scott is really hard core, and obviously a few grapes short of a bunch, but in a nice way! Buy the video, you wont be disappointed!

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Submitted by: Bradley Anderson -- Dallas, TX.

Great film Scott!!! It made me feel as if I was at the tour myself, and with unresticted passes to boot. How did you swing such great access?! Hopefully if you ever make a sequel I'll be right there with you. And if I'm not so lucky, I'll see you in Austin @ the RftR 2003!!

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