The Boulder Tour Baby! audience rocks!!! You blew us away with your enthusiasm and generosity. Together we raised $17,082.00 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We thank everyone who donated time, energy and items for the silent auction, and we thank everyone who plunked down their hard earned cash for a great cause.

We will be back! Davis and Scott

  Silent Auction / Raffle Donors:
Davis Phinney
University Bicycles
Doug Emerson
Graham Watson
USPS Pro Cycling Team
Dede & Michael Barry
Tyler & Haven Hamilton
Connie Carpenter
Carmichael Training System
Heartstrings/Kris Havlick
Descente Athletic/Axcent Sports
Susan Eastman Walton
Ride 7 B
Rockies Brewing Company
Bill & Jane Coffin
K2 Sports
Volant Sports

Event Production Team:
Nancy Edelstein
Doug Emerson
Colleen Ostlund
Dianna Waggoner
Boulder Theater
University Bicycles
Robb’s Music
Eight Days A Week Printing

Special Thanks To:
Doug "Emmo" Emerson
Ron Kiefel
Andy Hampsten
Bob Roll
Michael Barry
Dede Demet Barry
DJ Ron Miller
Rob Lettieri Photography
Matt Tapie
Carmine DeLisio
All our volunteers!!!

Tricycle Race:
Watch Bob Roll, Ron Kiefel and Andy Hampsten battle it out in Boulder. After the event, they each signed their mounts and auctioned them off!

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Davis Phinney, hometown headliner
Schmooze fest in the lobby
One-of-a-kind items at the silent auction
Andy in person and on the Gavia Pass

Bob Roll works the crowd
900 hardcore cyclists fill the sold-out Boulder Theater
Scott and DJ Ron Miller are happy they are on the guest list
Davis brings Scott to the stage

Bob, Ron and Andy with their game faces on
Chief Referee Michael Barry attempts to control the start
Dede starts the race. Bob gets the hole-shot.
Andy leads them out into corner #1
on lap #2

Andy hoists his trike in an emotional victory!
Andy signs his bike for the auction
Robb (Robb’s Music) and Doug Emerson
(U Bikes) running the live auction
Bob Roll, Scott Coady and Ron Kiefel

Mr. & Mrs. Barry with Scott
Bob and Davis
flash their
movie star smiles
Davis and Scott loving every moment
The Boulder Theater crowd yells "Tour de France Baby!"

All images courtesy of Rob Lettieri Photography

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